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Sleepless In Lancaster, PA: A Tired Mom's Story

Dr. Lynn adjusting a toddler who is having hip problems

Owning and operating a successful business is not for the faint of heart. Living through the stress of college and then going for my doctorate, one of the things that kept me going was the fact that Scott and I were going to open our own practice, be our own bosses, and change lives.

Fast forward almost 10 years later, and we have an amazing thriving practice. What's not amazing is all the "other" work that comes with having a busy practice! I'm sitting here writing this with a head cold, I need to do about 3 hours of back-end computer work, talk to the accountant, feed Ellie lunch, and help out with my aging parents. Nobody tells you about all this "OTHER" stuff when you're a wet behind-the-ears college student.

This next story is the kind that makes it all worth it. Changing lives has always been our why. Why we get up and work 12+ hour days. Why we say no to going out with friends because we have 20 x-rays to read by Monday. Because we change lives, like this story you're about to hear, from a sleepless tired mom!

Here's Kylee's story from mom, Morgan's point of view:

kylee and her big sister celebrating Fred's birthday

"I originally sought out care for my youngest daughter, Kylee, after talking with Dr. Lynn at a women's empowerment event (The Beauty Boost) in January. She explained to me that she provides care for people of all ages, including young children

experiencing difficulty sleeping. This immediately caught my attention as Kylee was 19 months old and still waking up multiple times a night.

As Dr. Lynn continued on about other characteristics poor sleepers demonstrate, such as headbanging, I knew I had to get her into OWL. In addition to waking 4+ times a night, Kylee frequently banged her head while in her high chair and car seat.

Following her initial appointment, we found one of her top vertebrae was locked to the side, inhibiting a lot of her movement.

Dr. Lynn using the instrument adjusting for some fine tuning.

OWL has helped my family in many ways! Kylee is now sleeping through the night

(which helps everyone). She has also graduated from physical therapy!

After seeing the results with Kylee, I scheduled my intake appointment and

learned I had many misalignment issues throughout my body in addition to my arm

problems. The initial x-ray showed my right pelvic bone sat 11mm higher than my left,

causing back and hip pain, my top vertebrae never fused shut, causing tension


Learning all of these things about my body has been eye-opening, and

I'm just mad at myself for not doing anything about these issues sooner!

I had been to a chiropractor many, many years ago growing up. To be honest, I

always dreaded going. I hated having my neck cracked, and it was the same manual

manipulations each visit, from head to toe.

As a kid, not understanding what someone was doing to my body and how it was helping was scary.

At OWL, each provider thoroughly explains the problem areas they see on the pre-adjustment scans, discusses any issues we're currently having; and explains their plan for the appointment.

Specific areas are targeted during that appointment, and each appointment is different depending on our needs for that time. Everyone's treatment plan is catered to their unique needs."

Thank you Morgan for sharing this! How many sleepless parents out there can relate?

Sometimes it's not just a developmental challenge. There are reasons why kids only nurse on one side, bang their heads for what we feel like is no reason, or even wet the bed when we think they should have grown out of it. Kids can't communicate these things to us when they're young!

If you feel like something isn't quite right, follow Morgan's lead and book an appointment at OWL Chiropractic. We've got your back!

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