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All About Us & Our
OWL Chiropractic Culture

Every detail of Optimal Wellness for Life Chiropractic Center has been carefully planned and thought out.

From the colors on the walls, the dress code to the atmosphere in the office, it is all part of a vision created by its founders Dr.Lynn Strazzo and Dr. Scott McGillivray in early 2014. 
Chiropractor Lancaster PA
Lancaster Chiroprator

When Dr. Lynn and Dr. Scott starting thinking about what OWL Chiropractic would look like, they knew they didn’t want a typical doctor’s office with white walls and white coats.

They wanted a place where their patients would feel like family and want to bring their families and friends.
We truly believe if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life, and although achieving better health or overcoming a health challenge is difficult, why can’t we have fun doing it?

Our amazing patients and the atmosphere we've achieved, 
combined with our cutting edge technology truly makes OWL Chiropractic something more than we could have ever expected.
OWL Chiropractic


Here at OWL Chiropractic we strive to make you feel welcome and part of our family.  


We take your health seriously.  We listen.  We give you results you can see and feel using the latest technology available.    


Our staff is friendly and caring.  We greet you with a smile and know your name because we care.   

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