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New to chiropratic care?

We want you to know what you're going to experience at OWL Chiropractic!

What t expect
What to expect

First Appointment

Your first visit with OWL Chiropractic will take about an hour.


Our doctors will review your medical history in-depth, complete a detailed spinal exam and take an infrared thermal scan to measure how your nervous system is currently functioning.


After that one of our chiropractic technicians will join your exam to take x-rays of your spine with our motion x-ray machine.


At this appointment you will not be receiving any treatments or adjustments so that the doctors have time to review your findings in detail after your visit. You will schedule a return visit with us at this appointment to review what the doctors have observed.


Second Appointment
At your second appointment with us, our doctors will sit down with you to review the findings from your exam, thermography scans and x-rays.


They will go over what is needed to correct any spine and nervous system issues including the frequency of care and timeframe expected to get the most out of your care.


At this time our office manager will join your review to go over the cost of your personalized care plan and if you decide to move forward with us, you will receive your first OWL Chiropractic adjustment at the end of this appointment.


We suggest if you have someone else in your life that makes healthcare or financial decisions with you, that they attend this appointment as well.

To Schedule Your OWL Chiropractic 
New Patient Exam 
After your first adjustment.

There are 3 things you may experience after your first adjustment with OWL Chiropractic.


1. You may feel no difference. That is okay! This may mean that your body will take more time to heal. Healing takes time so make sure you are resting and getting plenty of water.


2. You may feel really, really good. Wonderful! Just remember it may be short lived and your health issue may return - which is ok. This is typically why we need to see you more in the beginning of care until your spine returns to a more stable state.


3. You may feel sore and that is normal. This is what our doctors hope the outcome will be. We are moving joints and muscles that may have been subluxated (stuck) for many years, so the soreness you feel is your muscles adapting to your adjustment. The soreness you may experience will be as if you went to the gym for the first time in a few months or ever.


If you do experience soreness after your adjustment, our doctors recommend using heat - a hot bath or shower, heating pad or rice pack on the sore area. Apply the heating source for 20 minutes, then remove for 20 minutes. You can repeat this process if necessary.

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