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" The power that
       made the body,
heals the body."

-B.J. Palmer

Chiropractic Adjustment

OWL Ethos

Our passion is to remind people that their bodies are a self healing, regulating machine.  

At OWL Chiropractic we want to help your body reach the highest level of health by using advanced tools while having fun together doing it.


Our technology is what sets us apart. Our scientific, reproducible results allow us to pinpoint a problem in your spine which in turn allows us to reduce the number of visits it takes to correct it.

Dynamic Digital Radiography Xray Machine
Infrared Thermography Scan
Sigma Ultralign Variable Frequency Adjuster

Digital Motion X-Ray

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Adjusting Instruments

X-ray is a standard practice in our office (with a few minor exceptions, such as pregnancy). There are two main reasons why we need X-ray for you to become a patient at OWL Chiropractic.


First, it is important to rule in or rule out any contraindications to chiropractic care, anatomical variants and/or congenital abnormalities.


The second reason is for analysis purposes - to identify spinal subluxations. Understanding how your spine looks and moves structurally is extremely important in understanding your problem and if we can help.


This is so important that our office uses DDR or Dynamic Digital Radiography which allows us to see your spine in motion while using minimal radiation.

We do an infrared thermography scan of your spine at every visit as an objective tool to monitor your progress.


Each thermography scan is paired with your X-ray findings which eliminates the guesswork from our treatment protocols.


Thermal imaging takes a temperature reading of the skin allowing us to indirectly measure the function of your nervous system.


Your nerves control the dilation and constriction of the blood vessels going to your skin. When there is nerve interference (pinched nerve, subluxation, spinal misalignment) there will be a temperature difference between the left side of the body to the right.

At  OWL Chiropractic, we use the Sigma Ultralign Variable Frequency adjusting unit. This technology is the same technology that is used in the aviation industry to test metal fatigue in aircrafts and bridge spans.


This instrument allows our doctors to apply gentle percussion force into a subluxated or fixated joint and gives our doctors vital feedback about the joint or tissue being work on. The Sigma instrument allows our doctors to be very specific and precise when delivering an adjustment.


For example, if there is a lot of rotation found in a patient’s spine on X-ray, this instrument allows our doctors to have direct contact on the spinal segment and work on correcting its position. Our doctors can also change the settings and work on soft tissue issues, such as trigger points or muscle fixations associated with a subluxated joint.

Chiropractic Drop Tables

Drop Tables

OWL Chiropractic has 4 adjustment bays that house two Zennith 230 Hylo tables and two Zennith Model 60 tables for all our chiropractic adjustments.


These tables have a special “drop mechanism” which allows for a much more comfortable, safe and effective adjustment.


They also allow our doctors to treat you without using rotational types of chiropractic adjustments - no human pretzels here!


AND our Hylo tables have the option to mechanically stand up and lie down, which can aid patients who may have mobility issues due to pain or age.

The Pierce Results System at OWL Chiropractic

The Pierce Results System (PRS) is a system of biomechanical analysis of spine kinematics developed by Vernon Pierce, D.C., Sr.  The system uses cineradiography (motion X-ray) studies to determine loss of proper spinal joint function causing neurological dysfunction. This is known as vertebral subluxation complex.


After the specific spinal vertebral subluxations are identified in a patient’s spine, they are then paired with a patient’s infrared thermography scan reflecting the neurological dysfunction. On each visit, infrared thermography scans are done so the doctor can determine if and when the vertebral subluxation needs to be adjusted based on the scan.


In short, the DDR (motion x-ray) tells the doctor where the problem is, and the infrared thermography scan tells the doctor when to adjust it.  


Pierce Results System doctors use drop tables and adjusting instruments to aid in spinal adjustments which allow for a more comfortable patient experience and specificity the doctor demands when practicing this system.

Want to become a New Patient at OWL Chiropractic?

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