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Here you will find products and resources that we recommend at OWL Chiropractic to help enhance or support your chiropractic care.


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Looking for supplements that do not contain any harmful or unnecessary ingredients and not sure where to start? Thorne is one of OWL Chiropractic's most trusted companies when it comes to good clean supplements. Chat with one of our doctors at your next chiropractic appointment if you have any questions - or shop now for OWL's top recommendations by visiting our online dispensary here .

Sometimes our bodies need a little something extra. LMNT provides hightest quality products with everything you are looking for in an electrolyte while leaving out the extras that you don't need.  Click here to read more.

Ask for a sample at your next adjustment.  We carry the variety packs in the office  for $20.  These are perfect for traveling or if you want to try the most popular flavors.  

Or if you are interested in a specific flavor or having them shipped directly to you, you can shop their website here.


Products we like!

We only recommend products we use, have used or come highly recommended by trusted peers.  If  you grab something from these links below, OWL Chiropractic may receive a small commission at no expense to you.  

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