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Meet the OWL Chiropractic Team

You may hear us refer to OWL Chiropractic as the "Cheers" of chiropractic offices where everyone knows your name!
We love to have fun!


Dr. Scott McGillivray, D.C.
Founder & Chiropractor, Dr. Lynn's other half

Dr. Scott McGillivray was born and raised playing elite levels of hockey in Sterling Heights, MI. He studied pre-medical health sciences while also playing men’s ice hockey at Oakland University.


With injuries to deal with through his experience as a hockey player and no success with recovery guided by the medical profession, he was finally introduced to chiropractic care. It was only after seeing a chiropractor regularly that his body began to heal the injuries. At this point in time he realized that a future in the medical field was not right for him and that chiropractic is what he is supposed to do in order to most effectively pursue his passion of improving the lives of others.

In 2013, Dr. Scott graduated cum laude from Life University with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. During his time at Life, he excelled in his practice of the Thompson Technique and eventually served teaching other students as Life University’s Thompson Club president. In March 2013 Dr. Scott received his professional certification from the Thompson Technique Foundation. He has since advanced his analysis and adjusting expertise by incorporating the Pierce Results Technique.


Dr. Scott’s purpose at OWL Chiropractic is to empower his community and others around the world to control their health by educating people on the principles of specific chiropractic care and living a natural wellness lifestyle. For fun he likes playing hockey, working out, playing guitar, boxing, doing anything outdoors, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family.


Dr. Lynn Strazzo, D.C. 
Founder & Chiropractor, Dr. Scott's other half

Dr. Lynn Strazzo was born loving horses. When she was 6 years old, she refused to go to school until her parents got her horseback riding lessons. Needless to say, they obliged and from there her love for horses only grew deeper. She got her first horse when she was 12 and has been competing in horse shows ever since.

Due to the style and competitive nature of her riding, Dr. Lynn sustained several injuries. One day, Dr. Lynn was walking down a staircase and severely injured her lower back. She sought help from medical doctors and orthopedic surgeons who told her the only option was to have surgery on her spine. A family friend suggested she seek the care of a chiropractor for her injury. The chiropractor explained to her how she did not hurt her back from walking down the stairs but from the repetitive traumas associated with horseback riding, bad posture and poor sleeping habits, among other things. With chiropractic care, Dr. Lynn was able to recover fully without drugs or surgery. She also noticed the reduction of the need to use medications for symptoms related to bad allergies and asthma while under chiropractic care. A few months after starting chiropractic care, Dr. Lynn’s horse Lexi suffered an injury as well and no veterinarian was able to help her. It seemed natural for Dr. Lynn to take her horse to see a chiropractor too, since she personally has had great results. Because of this Dr. Lynn decided to become a chiropractor.

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in neuroscience, she applied to chiropractic college. Dr. Lynn headed down south to Atlanta, Georgia where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2013. While studying at Life University she became very involved in the work of Dr. Walter V. Pierce and became a certified practitioner in the Pierce Results System.

When she’s not at OWL Chiropractic caring for patients, you’ll most likely find her in the barn or out riding.


Dr. Emilie Jones, D.C., M.S.

Dr. Emilie Jones is a New Holland, PA native that grew up riding horses on the farm next to where Dr. Lynn kept her horse. After graduating with a Business degree from Penn State, Dr. Emilie found a passion for obstacle course racing and trail running. An old horseback riding injury began to flare up as her training intensity increased. After a few years of increasing frequency and intensity of low back pain and sciatica, Dr. Emilie found herself seeking alternative care when the steroids and painkillers stopped working. 


In 2016, Dr. Emilie walked into OWL Chiropractic for her first ever chiropractic experience and adjustment. Over the next three years she was not only amazed by the positive changes in her life brought on by chiropractic, she also began learning more about the philosophy behind chiropractic and felt an intense pull to become a Doctor of Chiropractic herself. In 2019 she enrolled in Logan University in Saint Louis, MO. During her time as a student Dr. Emilie attended 24 seminars for additional education in chiropractic, and took additional coursework in  nutrition to earn a Masters in Nutritional Wellness, in addition to her Doctorate degree. 

Dr. Emilie completed an eight month internship at OWL Chiropractic before graduating, during that time she focused on advancing her expertise in the Pierce Results System which had been the catalyst of changing her life in many ways. Upon graduating in August 2022 Dr. Emilie happily accepted a position as Associate Chiropractor at OWL Chiropractic and now proudly serves patients at the office where she received her first ever adjustment. 

Outside of OWL Chiropractic you can find Dr. Emilie in the gym, out on the trails, tending to her garden, playing with her many nieces and nephews, cooking, or spending quality time with her fiancé, Justin. 


Chandra McCombie
Office Manager & Chiropractic Assistant 

Chandra began at OWL Chiropractic as a patient in 2015, seeking relief from migraines. Then in 2016 we added her as part of the official team! 


Chandra thrives on turning the chaos into order... or at least into organized chaos! Here at OWL, she does that plus has the honor of keeping the doctors in check.


She is married to her best friend, Aaron and is the proud Aunt Channie to 8 fantastic nieces and nephews.


When she's not at OWL Chiropractic she loves to go on adventures with her husband, spend time with family and friends, throw on a podcast and go for a walk, or simply relax on the back porch with a good book.


With that said, if you have a podcast or book recommendation for her, pass it along! She loves to be continually learning and growing.


Amanda Byrd
Marketing Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

Amanda has been in chiropractic care for most of her life.  She had a bad horseback riding accident at age 17 that left her with a broken back, nerve damage and chronic migraines.  

Fast forward years later, still into horses, she met Dr. Lynn at the barn they keep their horses at.  She was intrigued with the style of chiropractic care at OWL Chiropractic so decided to try them out in 2016 and loved it.

In 2017, she officially joined the staff working the front desk.  With a background in marketing so naturally fell into that role as well!

She is married to Joel and they have 2 active girls, Alex (18) and Maggie (9) who are also chiropractic patients.  You may see them from time to time hanging at the front desk.

When she's not in the office or working on marketing material she's usually doing things like cooking, running her kids around, playing in her garden or hiding at the barn.  


Heidi Weaver
Chiropractic Assistant & X-Ray Tech

Heidi joined the OWL Chiropractic family in 2019 after spending 20 years as a retail manager. She is married to her wonderful husband Corey and has three amazing children Brooklyn, Matteo, and Reghan.


She has a passion for reading, and loves to hike whenever she can. Prior to coming to OWL her hiking days were on hold after suffering from misdiagnosed and chronic low back pain. She had been to medical doctors, physical therapists, and other chiropractors without having  real actual results. 


Since joining the OWL family she is back to "getting lost in the woods on purpose" and always needs another good book suggestion. 


When not in the office,  you'll likely catch her out and about. Heidi has a passion for helping others and loves to keep busy. 


Fred McBones
Resident Mascot & Comedian

Fred and Dr. Lynn go back a long way!  They met during chiropractic school in 2010.  He's been with her longer then Dr. Scott! 


Fred was a great study partner and friend.  Since he's pretty quiet, he was mostly there for moral support.  He made no bones about his feelings for her work and they were soon fused together for life.    

When the practice opened in 2015, Fred decided he would be best suited as the face of OWL Chiropractic.  He likes the attention, doesn't have the best work ethic and complains about his lack of mobility.  


Fred’s life goals include taking lavish 6 month vacations twice a year.  He would love it if we could find him a companion for the weekends when the office is closed.  He is easily bored.  He enjoys taking naps in the corner, telling jokes, people watching and getting adjusted.


When you see him in the office, make sure you say hi!

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