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From Scoliosis to Cancer: Brenda's OWL Story

Dr. Scott adjusting a patient

This month at Owl Chiropractic we want to spotlight some different miracles!

Our first story is Brenda! Brenda and her wife came to us back in 2018 because Brenda was trying to manage her pain due to a life-long scoliosis of over 50 degrees.

Scoliosis is a common spinal condition that affects millions of people worldwide. At Owl Chiropractic it's all too common for a patient to come in with back pain, headaches, reproductive issues, knee pain...the list goes on, but not know that they have scoliosis until we take their x-rays. This is why X-rays are so important!

Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curvature in the spine greater than 10 degrees.

As chiropractors, we know that the power that made the body heals the body. We call this innate intelligence. The cellular intelligence is controlled by your nervous system and your nervous system controls ALL functions in your body.

This is why infrared thermal imaging is so important. It's a glimpse of the patient's nervous system at that moment. The other fact we know is the more able the body is to adapt to something the healthier that body is.

Dr. Scott adjusting a chiropractic patient

So going back to Brenda's story, not long after she started with us she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 3, grade 3 breast cancer. This made chiropractic care even more important so we could help keep her nervous system as dynamic as possible so her body was in a better state of healing.

In the case of Brenda, one might argue that because she has such severe scoliosis she was more susceptible to developing cancer because a significant portion of her nervous system could not work properly due to biomechanical stresses placed on the nerves by her misaligned spine.

Like any disease process, certain things (i.e. genetics, environmental factors) make some people more susceptible. We may never know or completely understand the correlation of her scoliosis and her cancer, this is why more research is needed. However, like I said earlier, the healthier your nervous system is, the healthier ALL your systems are, including your immune system.

Brenda and Fred posing for a picture

We are so thankful to report that Brenda is now in remission and has been for a long time. She chooses to stay under chiropractic care to keep her systems as strong as possible. Her scoliosis has been significantly reduced and her pain is under control. She is able to enjoy life and do all the things she wants to do!

We will always be your cheerleader and never forget that Owl Chiropractic has your back!

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