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Fred asked, and she said YES!

Fred and Francine go on a date.

I have been admiring Francine from afar for some time now. I see her every day at work, and my heart skips a beat each time I see her. I know that I wanted to ask her out, but I always find myself backing out at the last minute.

I have been working up the courage to ask Francine on a date for weeks. I wanted to take her to a lovely steakhouse meal, where we could enjoy delicious ribs or wings, drinks, and dancing. But every time I thought about it, I felt my nerves getting the best of me.

One day, as I walked down the hallway, I saw Francine approaching me. This was my chance, I thought. I took a deep breath and walked up to her.

Fred and Francine go on a date.

"Hey Francine," I said, trying to sound casual but my palms were starting to sweat. "I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me sometime. There's this great steakhouse, Che Strazzo, that I've been wanting to try, and I thought it would be fun to go there with you."

To my relief, Francine smiled and said yes. We made plans to go to the steakhouse the following Saturday.

I was over the moon. I had finally worked up the courage to ask Francine out, and she had said yes. I couldn't wait to take her out and show her a good time.

Fred and Francine go on a date.

I arrived at the steakhouse early on the day of the date to make sure everything was perfect. I had reserved a table in a secluded corner, where we could enjoy our meal and each other's company without any distractions.

After the final check I headed over to Francine's place to drop T-Bone off and pick up my date!

Francine opened the door and my heart skipped a beat once again. She looked stunning in her dress, and I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to be taking her out.

Fred and Francine go on a date.

We tucked Humerus and T-Bone in for their evening of fun and headed out to Che Strazzo.

We enjoyed a delicious meal, had a few drinks, and then hit the dance floor. I was surprised that I was a pretty good dancer, and Francine seemed to be having a great time.

Fred and Francine go on a date.

At the end of the night, I walked Francine to her car and hugged her goodbye. I knew I wanted to see her again, and he hoped she felt the same way.

From that day on, we were inseparable.

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Them bones just love each other !

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