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5 Reasons You Can Benefit From Drinking More Water

I think it's safe to say that we all know that drinking water is important, right? But why and what does it have to do with your chiropractic care?

Water makes up the majority of your body weight and is involved in super important functions like flushing waste from your body, helping your brain to function and regulating your body temperature. But that's not all! Here are some other ways you can benefit from drinking water.

  1. Your Joints and Spine Work Better - Water makes up a large part of your joint cartilage that helps absorb shock and make bone-against-bone movements smoother. It helps flush toxins from your body that could inflame your joints, too. That's why it's important do DRINK after you've had a massage or your chiropractic adjustment. Both of these things stir up the toxins in your body and we want to flush them out. Fun fact: Did you know that you can be taller in the morning? Your discs between your vertebrae rehydrate while we are sleeping (provided you are drinking enough!) making you a little bit taller in the morning.

  2. It Helps Boost Energy - Drinking water may activate your metabolism. A boost in metabolism has been associated with a positive impact on energy levels.

  3. You Keep Your Brain Sharp - You may not remember as well, think clearly, or concentrate as easily when you're low on water. And you don't have to be seriously dehydrated. It can happen if you're just a little below where you should be. How little? Less than 4 cups of water in a 150-pound person. Yikes!

  4. Your Heart Works Better - The ole ticker doesn't have to work quite as hard when you drink enough water. Skimping on water leads to less body in your body which can lower your blood pressure and raise your heart rate. It takes just 15 - 20 minutes for enough water to even things out.

  5. It Helps Fight Off Illness - Drinking enough water can help prevent certain medical conditions which include constipation, kidney stones, exercise-induced asthma, urinary tract infection and hypertension. It also helps you absorb important vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your food which will increase your chance of staying healthy.

Ok, so now we know some of the benefits of drinking water...but how much do you need to drink daily to get those benefits?

A good rule of thumb is 15 cups a day for men and 11 cups for women. But keep in mind that includes total fluids. You get 20% to 30% of your water from food. You get more from other drinks like juice, tea, and milk. If you’re sick, you’ll need more (especially with diarrhea or vomiting). If you’re exercising or outside in the heat, focus on getting a little extra, too.

How do you make it a priority? Follow the 21/90 rule. Start by setting your daily goal and hitting that goal for 21 days. You have now started forming a habit. Continue that for the next 90 days and you have added that to your lifestyle!

Team OWL is challenging ourselves to drink more water this month! Starting January 21st at our Wake Up to Wellness event we'll be drinking a gallon of water a day.

Want to join our challenge? Sign up at the front desk.

We have water bottles for purchase filled with goodies to start your water journey off right.

Have your own water bottle? Use that follow along with us!

Want to learn more ways drinking water can benefit you? Head over to and read more about it!

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