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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2023.

OWL Chiropractic

What is it about a new year that makes us want to hit a reset button? It seems as we approach January 1st that our innate desire to reflect, refresh and redirect becomes so much stronger than any other time throughout the year. This is why lots people make new years resolutions. We want to change, grow, do something new, shake it up, become better versions of ourselves, do better for our families, live a life we love all year long. But why do we wait until a new year to set goals on improving our lives and ourselves? We do realize that we can make those changes at anytime... right? All it takes is for us to set aside some time and really think about what we want, create an action plan and like the Nike slogan says, "just do it." But why is that first step so hard?

I think that when it comes to new years resolutions specifically, the first step is difficult because we decide we want to change all the thing in our life at once. We want to eat healthier, join the gym, be more present with family, give up social media, stop smoking/drinking, learn a new skill, drink more water, create and live within a new budget, read more, meet a spiritual goal... and with all of those changes, who can even make it to February without failing?

This is why I don't participate in new years resolutions, but rather I reflect on the things in my life every 3 months. Three months gives me time to focus in on one area of my life, write down what I want to accomplish or a new habit I want to form and create an action plan to do so. Once that area of my life is dialed in to where I want it, I do all over again with the next area. Slowly adding habits and choices into your everyday life will help you stick with your goals. You want to start eating healthy? Devote 3 months to making healthier choices or following a set nutritional plan. You want to start working out? Devote 3 months to going to the gym 3 times a week. You want to drink more water? Devote 3 months to drinking a gallon a day. You want to be more present with family? Devote 3 months to turning off your cell phone (or at least putting it on silent and away from you) while you are spending quality time with your partner, kids or parents.

If you are someone who wants to make a real change in any area of your life, know that you can by simply staying consistent in the small daily choices. They add up to big results. So start now with one thing... Then when you are reflecting on 2023 on December 31st, you will see just how big those results can be.

Don't know where to start? Well if you have decided this is your year to focus in on health and wellness, you can start by joining us at two events this month!

emPower Training

On Saturday, January 7th Dr. Scott will be speaking at emPower Training's Open House on Granite Run Drive.

If you are looking for an amazing facility that offers personal training, nutritional counseling and more come check them out and see what they mean when they say they provide "fitness beyond fat loss."

There will be raffle prizes, membership sales, a FREE Sparta workout and presentation by us.

You can check out more about the event on our website or Facebook and about all they offer on their website.

Wake Up to Wellness

On Saturday, January 21st Dr. Emilie is launching our first Wake Up to Wellness event of 2023 at OWL.

She will be giving tips on how to stay consistent daily in everything from nutrition, fitness, mindset, stress management and lifestyle. Plus we will be kicking off our H2O 21 Day Challenge!

Bring a friend and leave with an action plan for whatever area of your life you want to improve.

Limited seating is available so make sure to RSVP at the front desk or on the Events page of our website.

We hope to see you there!

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