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Feelin' Fabulous Fall Challenge

Feelin' Fabulous Fall Challenge at Owl Chiropractic

Here at Owl Chiropractic, we take fun seriously! What's more fun than a Fall Challenge? LEARNING ABOUT NUTRITION! Join us Sept. 16th as we kick off our Feelin' Fabulous Fall Challenge at our Wake Up to Wellness talk about nutrition.

Wake Up to Wellness: Nutrition 101 at Owl Chiropractic

We all know nutrition is a fundamental part of our well being. Just like Dr. Lynn wrote in our last blog post about the importance of taking care of our nervous system, fueling our body and nervous system with the right nutrients will create a better foundation so you can keep your body at optimum performance.

Want to make some positive changes but not sure where to start? Join us for our Wake Up to Wellness: Nutrition 101 and see what positive changes you can make! Just like our last challenge, we learned that it takes 21 days to create a habit. We're going to hit that home again!

Here's the challenge should you choose to accept it...

Step 1.) Put $10 in the pot.

Step 2.) Choose up to 5 habits from the list below and do them everyday for 21 days.

Step 3.) Keep track of your progress on the handout at the desk and be entered to win a pot of money.

Feelin' Fabulous Fall Challenge Pot of Money

When you succeed with creating 1 habit for the 21 days, you get 1 entry. If you can create 5 new habits, you get 5 entries. Simple, right?

RECOMMENDED HEALTHY HABITS Do 10-15 minutes of stretching a day Walk 20 minutes a day Drink water half your weight in oz a day Eat 3-4 veggie servings a day Get 10,000 steps in a day Cook at home instead of restaurant or take out Pack your lunch Eliminate sugar in your coffee Eliminated dairy from your diet Eliminate Alcohol

Replace hydrogenated oil with healthy Don’t eat/snack after dinner

oil like EVOO or real butter, ghee Get 8 hours of sleep each night

Eat protein (animal or vegetarian) at every meal Skip your Starbucks, opt for cleaner caffeine Incorporate meditation/ affirmations Eat all 3 meals a day

Integrate deep breathing daily Skip dessert

Use EVOO and vinegar instead of Choose full fat rather then low or no fat

store bought salad dressing Sit down to eat meals, in your car does not count!

Looking for some extra credit? Join OWL Chiropractic for our Wake Up to Wellness September 16th + 1 entry

Post a pic on social media doing your new habit and tag us at #feelinfabulouswithOWL + 1 entry

Be sure to follow us on our socials leading up to the talk as we breakdown some of these habits and their benefits.

To RSVP to the Wake Up to Wellness: Nutrtion 101 talk, click here.

We hope to see you there.

Not local to OWL Chiropractic but still want to participate? Print this handout to follow along!

Feelin' Fabulous Fall Challenge at OWL Chiropractic Handout
Feelin' Fabulous Fall Challenge at Owl Chiropractic Handout

PS. Did you hear??

OWL Chiropractic voted number 1 chiropractor

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