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The Beat Goes On: Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Heart Health

Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Heart Health

Your heart is a remarkable organ and like most things in our bodies goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. Beyond its physical role, the heart holds a symbolic significance such as love and compassion. Here are some essential strategies for enhancing your heart health.

Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Heart Health

Get moving- your heart is a muscle and needs to be used. Like all muscles, the more you use it the stronger it will get! Yes, research says….. Bla bla bla button line, get moving, even if it is just a 15-minute walk. 

Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Heart Health

Eat better- yup no surprise - healthy fats and quality oils

Maintain a healthy weight- strive for a healthy weight range by balancing your calorie intake with physical activity. Excess weight, especially around the midline can increase your risk of heart disease.

Don't smoke- smoking damages blood vessels which increases your risk of heart disease. 

Limit alcohol- excessive alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, or stroke and contribute to weight gain. 

Manage stress- prolonged stress causes the adrenaline hormones to be present in the bloodstream for longer, leading to a constant fight-or-flight response. 

Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Heart Health

Get Sleep- when we sleep, our blood pressure tends to drop a little, which is normal. Studies have found that people who don't get good sleep, and a drop in blood pressure are more at risk for heart-related disease. 

Reduce sugar - sugar causes inflammation EVERYWHERE, especially in the small vessels feeding the heart. When there is inflammation of the arteries and vessels in the body it causes an increase in blood pressure, which is associated with heart disease. 

Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Heart Health

Get adjusted- your Vagus nerve and parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system branches innervate your heart. If you have a subluxation it can interfere with nerve function in the heart. Our goal at OWL Chiropractic is to reduce subluxation in the spine to optimize nerve function and reduce the disease process in the body.

During this beautiful season of love, try and take a movement and thank your heart for always beating, even when you are not telling it to ( well not consciously). Try and be a little nicer to it by adopting these few healthier habits. 

Do not wait until there is a problem to be proactive. Remember it is always easier to maintain your health than it is to regain it. 

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